Griffin beaker, 50 milliliter

Griffin beaker: 50 milliliter, colour: naturalGriffin beaker: 50 milliliter, colour: natural

Cup of Plastic with nominal volume 50 milliliter

colour : natural

item nr: 05-0050-79-01-60-058

technical details

item number 05-0050-79-01-60-058
title Griffin beaker
nominal volume 50 ml
colour natural
material PP
weight 10 g
UN approval none
height outside 60,0 mm
Diameter top outside 40,0 mm
mouth 40,0 mm
outlet mm
nestable yes
scale yes
food safe yes
authenticity none
quality suitable for use up to ca. 120° C
versions blue scaling with 10 ml partition
minimum order quantity 12 item.
packaging unit 12 item.

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