Expertise and innovation

Menke Industrie­verpackungen has been supplying and delivering packaging and packaging materials for more than 60 years.
As a full-range supplier we market the complete program of plastic, sheet metal, cardboard and glass containers.

The requirements for packaging are diverse and demands on packaging can be expected to constantly change.
Our trained staff will use their extensive expertise to find the perfect packaging solution for your individual packaging requirements.

Menke Industrie­verpackungen delivers "Just in Time".

 This guarantees reliability, punctuality and flexibility.

We are specialists for consumer-oriented solutions.
MENKE is NOT just standard. We are committed to finding the perfect packaging solution for you, our customer.

If you have questions concerning products, consignments, reconditioning or different issues-
please contact us: we would be delighted to hear from you!

We're certified!

Our ISO 9001:2015 certification allows for a seamless 'start-to-finish' quality management.

All stages in our workflow are process-orientated and accurately defined.
This way, we can learn from possible mistakes and adapt our workflow and process where needed.
This is also a way to ensure our customers that our work and products always meet the highest standards.

Any questions?
We're here to help.

Sonja Cordes

Your quality control expert.