Material Information

HDPE - Recyclate

In the realm of modern packaging, sustainability is paramount. HDPE recyclate stands out as an eco-friendly substitute for traditional packaging materials. Its production not only aligns with environmental conservation practices but also offers a viable solution for reducing ecological footprints in the packaging industry.

HDPE stands for high-density polyethylene, a plastic characterized by high strength, chemical resistance and low water absorption. HDPE recyclate is made from used HDPE plastic, which is collected, cleaned and shredded. The regrind is then heated and processed into new products.


  • Environmentally friendly: By using recycled material, fewer resources are consumed and less waste is produced.
  • Chemical resistance: HDPE recyclate is resistant to many chemicals and solvents, making it ideal for packaging paints, varnishes and chemical products.
  • High strength: Despite its recycled origin, HDPE recyclate retains high strength, making it a durable packaging option.


  • Paints and varnishes: HDPE recyclate can be used to make containers for paints and varnishes as it is chemically resistant and has high strength. Buckets and canisters made from HDPE recyclate have a long service life and can be easily cleaned and reused.
  • Chemical products: Due to its chemical resistance, HDPE recyclate is ideal for packaging detergents, fertilizers and other chemical products. The low water absorption of HDPE recyclate prevents the packaging material from swelling or being damaged.
  • Disposal/recycling: HDPE recyclate can be used to manufacture waste containers, waste garbage cans and recycling collection systems. These products are durable, weather-resistant and easy to clean, making them ideal for use in the waste disposal and recycling sector.

In summary, HDPE recyclate is emerging as a leading eco-efficient packaging material, outperforming traditional packaging options in terms of sustainability and versatility. Made from recycled plastics, this material plays a key role in conserving resources and reducing waste. Its inherent properties, such as robust chemical resistance, minimal water absorption and superior strength, make it an exemplary choice for packaging a wide range of products, including paints, coatings, chemicals and building materials. In addition, the use of HDPE recyclate in waste disposal and recycling underscores its environmental credentials. Companies that use HDPE recyclate not only support their commitment to environmental stewardship, but also benefit from cost efficiencies that balance environmental responsibility with economic practicality.


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