Individual solutions

Colouring, embossing and so much more!

Colouring -

An effective and simple way to 'stand out from the crowd' of your competitors is the colouring of your product.

From poisonous green for fertiliser to dark red buckets for animal food, lilac cans for oxygen bleach or orange bottles for aromas. Have a look at what your competitors are doing and do the complete opposite! Your customers are sure to remember you.

Embossing -

Individualize your plastic containers with an imprint!

Your logo or brand message imprinted on the plastic container of choice.

This a powerful, yet subtle way to transport your brand message or seal of quality to your clients.

In-Mold-Labeling -

A whole new direction for packaging design!

Pre-printed labels are inserted into the mould during the production process to seamlessly merge with the container material.

The realization of different visuals and haptics makes IMD such an exciting option. The possibilities are endless!

Laquering, labelling and our team!

Laquering of steel drums -

Your logo on a steel drum or tinplate canister.

Labelling -

We also offer tried-and-tested labelling for drums, canisters or bottles.


Our team will help you find the perfect solution for all your packaging needs and wishes!


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