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Our service

We supply a broad and deep product range of plastic-, glass-, tinplate-, sheetsteel-, aluminium, recyclates and kraft paper packaging solutions.

Our services also include printing/imprinting, labelling and embossing for buckets, canisters and bottles.

We can also offer individual colouring of plastic canisters, containers, bottles and IBC containers

Our range of products

  • Plastic and steel sheet drums
  • Plastic and steel sheet recovery drums
  • Canisters and cans made of plastic, tinplate and steel sheet
  • Buckets and hobbocks made of plastic, tinplate and steel sheet
  • Bottles and cans made of plastic, glas, tinplate and aluminium
  • Fiber drums in round or square
  • IBC containers in various types
  • Cups in plastic, paper and bioplastic
  • Films and bags
  • Our growing range of ECO Line products made of bioplastics, paper and recyclates

We deliver!

The Caribbeans, the Andes or Greenland: As long as export regulations allow, we will deliver wherever you want.

With our new and growing ECO Line, we now also offer packaging solutions that are both efficient and as environmentally friendly as possible.

The ECO line products are made of renewable raw materials that are completely biodegradable

Find the perfect accessories to your product

Accessories for drums

We offer a vast array of closures, sprayers, pumps, films, bags and other accessories.

Find the perfect match for your product

Accessories for canisters

Accessories for canisters, drums, IBC containers or bottles:

Choose from more than 1.000 accessories for our products

Accessories for bottles, etc.

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All available accessories will be listed just below the technical details.
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