Flat bag

Flat bag of LD-PE

colour : transparent

item nr: 41-20-0600-0900-078

Technical Details

item number 41-20-0600-0900-078
title Flat bag
colour transparent
material LD-PE
UN approval none
length outside top 600,0 mm
height outside 900,0 mm
Diameter bottom outside 400,0 mm
Diameter top outside 400,0 mm
mouth 400,0 mm
authenticity none
thickness 65ยต
quality double base seam
versions as Inliner for UN plastic hobbock 30 l.
items in stock yes
packaging unit 200 item.
other The UN plastic hobbock 30 l. is only approved for the transport of dangerous, solid goods when used with an Inliner. This Inliner has been tested and carries the -for the hobbock authorised -product weight of 32kg.