Flat-top bottle, 250 milliliter

Bottle of Tinplate with nominal volume 250 milliliter

colour : blank

item nr: 39-0250-32-15-10-009

Technical Details

item number 39-0250-32-15-10-009
title Flat-top bottle
nominal volume 250 ml
overrun volume 280 ml
colour blank
material tinplate
weight 55 g
UN approval none
height outside 119,0 mm
Diameter bottom outside 56,0 mm
Diameter top outside 56,0 mm
mouth 32,0 mm
filler hole 32,0 mm
closures ΓΈ 32 mm plastic closure
minimum order quantity 2.400 item.
pallet unit 2.400 item.
pallet type euro-pallet

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