Square bucket, 11,0 liter

bucket of Plastic with nominal volume 11,0 liter

colour : white

item nr: 03-0011-20-02-50-072

Technical Details

item number 03-0011-20-02-50-072
title Square bucket
nominal volume 11,0 l
overrun volume 13,1 l
colour white
material PP
weight 518 g
UN approval none
length outside top 366,0 mm
length outside bottom 331,0 mm
depth outside top 247,0 mm
depth outside bottom 209,0 mm
height outside 191,0 mm
mouth 366,0 mm
stackable yes
nestable yes
food safe yes
lid weight 129 g, packed paired
handle plastic
authenticity tear tab at body
minimum order quantity 450 item.
pallet unit 450 item.
pallet type euro-pallet, packed paired including lid
other dimensions at bottom 330,8 mm x 208,8 mm, top 365,5 x 246,8 mm, height 191 mm

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