IBC Container, 1.000,0 liter

IBC Container of Plastic with nominal volume 1.000,0 liter

colour : black

UN approval : UN 31HA1/Y

item nr: 08-1000-30-03-11-038

Technical Details

item number 08-1000-30-03-11-038
title IBC Container
nominal volume 1.000,0 l
overrun volume 1.060,0 l
colour black
material HDPE
weight 57,00 kg
UN approval UN 31HA1/Y
length outside top 1,20 m
depth outside top 1,00 m
height outside 1,16 m
mouth 150,0 mm
outlet 50,0 mm
body steel square tube outside grille, 18x18 mm galvanized
stackable yes
lid screw lid
lid colour black
seal EPDM-foam rubber
Accessories outlet spout included
quality suitable for EX-zone 2 (IEC TS 60079-32-1)
pallet type galvanized steel frame, plastic parts
other 1 labeling board 470 x 770 mm at front 1 labeling board 300 x 520 mm at back


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    Acid protection
    PE recyclate
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