IBC Container, 1.000,0 liter

IBC Container of Plastic with nominal volume 1.000,0 liter

colour : natural

UN approval : none

item nr: 08-1000-60-01-00-063

Technical Details

item number 08-1000-60-01-00-063
title IBC Container
nominal volume 1.000,0 l
overrun volume 1.050,0 l
colour natural
material HDPE
weight 54,40 kg
UN approval none
length outside top 1,20 m
depth outside top 1,00 m
height outside 1,16 m
mouth 400,0 mm
outlet 80,0 mm
body outer cage square steel tubes 18x18 mm galvanised
stackable yes
food safe yes
lid colour black
authenticity can be sealed at the outlet tap + filler screw connection
versions integrated 3" butterfly valve
closures screwcap NW 400
pallet type plastic skid pallet