Conductive wide neck drum, 75,0 liter

Drum of Plastic with nominal volume 75,0 liter

colour : black

UN approval : UN 1H2/X95/Y142/Z213/S

item nr: 06-0075-94-03-10-006

Technical Details

item number 06-0075-94-03-10-006
title Conductive wide neck drum
nominal volume 75,0 l
overrun volume 79,5 l
colour black
material HDPE
weight 3.923 g
UN approval UN 1H2/X95/Y142/Z213/S
height outside 685,0 mm
Diameter bottom outside 404,0 mm
Diameter top outside 410,0 mm
mouth 354,0 mm
filler hole 354,0 mm
stackable yes
ex protection yes
lid screw cap with foam rubber seal
lid colour black
drop handles 2 at sides
authenticity sealable
minimum order quantity 24 item.
packaging unit 2 item.
pallet unit 24 item.
pallet type euro industrial pallet 1000 x 1200 mm
other 10 Ohm resistance. Drums are to be sealed tamper safe. Max. filling temperature is 80° C. Content must have cooled to 30° C before drum can be closed and stacked. Drums are to be closed air,-water and steam tight repeatedly.

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