IBC Container SX 1000 GG EX schwarz, 1.000,0 liter

IBC Container of Plastic with nominal volume 1.000,0 liter

colour : schwarz

UN approval : UN 31 HA1/Y

item nr: 08-1000-30-03-10-020

Technical Details

item number 08-1000-30-03-10-020
title IBC Container SX 1000 GG EX schwarz
nominal volume 1.000,0 l
overrun volume 1.050,0 l
colour schwarz
material HDPE
weight 75,00 kg
UN approval UN 31 HA1/Y
length outside top 1,20 m
depth outside top 1,00 m
height outside 1,16 m
mouth 150,0 mm
outlet 50,0 mm
body Blechummantelung und Gitter, verzinkt
stackable yes
ex protection yes
quality Ableitkabel an der Auslaufarmatur
versions 2" Klappenhahn
minimum order quantity 14 item.
pallet type Stahlkufenpalette
other 2 Beschriftungstafeln vorne und hinten


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    Acid protection
    PE recyclate
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